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Tuesday Night Sleeping Club is an immersive live streamed audio

experience inviting you to explore sleeping and dreaming as a space

of interconnectedness and intuitive time -and right in your own home.

A night time sleep and action radio that connects the sleeping city, town, village or area. Making each one of us aware that we’re already connected

as a giant sleeping collective!


An invitation to connect to the night and sleep as a space of

collective creation, a sensitive meeting space,  and time

for the basic right to rest for all of us.

Get the Tuesday Night Sleeping Club app and tune

into the live broadcast at 21:00.



From 21-23:00 you spend the evening immersing yourself in

preparations, exercises and small rituals, preparing you to enter

the night and sleep like you never did before!

At 23:00 we all dive into the night and sleep together and throughout 

the night, a specially composed soundblanket guides us on the

journey into the sleep and dreams in an extra-sensitive state. 


At 04:00 -just after the first deep sleep phase, we invite the courageous 

ones for small nightly excursions into the sleeping city.


At 07:00 everyone is gently woken up and the morning broadcast

collects traces of the night and closes the experience at 8 o’clock.


Carried by the tenderness of the night we embark on discoveries beyond

logics of functionality in this one of a kind immersive audio experience.


Fueled by the fascination of sleep and dreams and the potential to find new pathways into our shared consciousness, hello!earth have been

working with the night, sleeping and dreaming as a field of

exploration and research the past 5 years.


A quest that manifested in different art works, all dealing with

sleeping, dreaming and the night as collective space of creation,

(-versus an individual, private space of spereration as often

experienced in western cultural tradtion).

To fall asleep is often referred to as “The little death” and as a point

of passage, where one is loosening one’s grip of ego and connects to a collective consciousness. A space where entanglements and interconnectedness are tangible.

While celebrating the very daily action of sleeping and dreaming

together as a space of collective potential for creation,

the experience highlights the collective mind as an invisible, political presence. 


Could sleeping and dreaming, as a conscious action of embracing the

unknown, actually be a form of activism?

And could it inspire or manifest how we shape the world of tomorrow?

What if organic time is resilience and surrender an act of resistance?

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TNSC in the studio.png
Tuesday Night Sleeping Club 05.png

Tuesday night sleeping club is Co-produced with Copenhagen International Theater/  Metropolis. Premiered in 2021 at Metropolis Festival, Copenhgen.

Co-creating artists :

Emil Sebastian Bøll, Daniel Norback, Boaz Barkan, Jacob Langaa Sennek, Vera Maeder

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hello!earth creates participatory cross-disciplinary art works with relational approach, where the presence of the audience is the co-creating and central element. The base of the work is an inquiry into consciousness and an exploration of the myth of reality. An attempt to unfold the potential of possible relations between people and place and make interconnectedness and diversity tangible.

The works are always spaces for an audience to experience, sense, do and meet.

hello!earth insists on that art is a place for big and fragile visions. A laboratory space where new thoughts and ideas can become reality, and where we together create the world, instead of consuming it.

Since hello!earth was formed in 2007 we have done 18 works in 12 different countries and co-operated with leading art, theatre and dance institutions worldwide. To name a few, works were presented and produced at Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, Panoramafestival in Rio de Janeiro, SESC in Sao Paulo , Palestinian National Theatre in Jerusalem and at Copenhagen international Theatre’s Metropolis Biennale in Denmark.


Get in touch with us to host Tuesday Night Sleeping Club at your local venue,

institution, arts gallery, school -or anywhere else where you could imagine a s

ociety of collective sleepers and dreamers could come together. 

Tuesday Night Sleeping Club is a simple production in terms of technical and

practical needs and easy to arrange. It can be presented everywhere

in the world with access to a phone signal!

We are very keen on sharing this event with as many people as possible

benefitting from the experience.

The collaboration with local organizers can take many forms depending

of organization and resources. The event can be hosted as a co-production

or hello!earth can take care of all practicality's expect for

local advertising and networking.

Get in touch with us and let's figure out the best format for your

local Tuesday Night Sleeping Club.

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